Screw conveyor

General information.
Screw conveyor used to transport material in lumps, loose, porous horizontally or up slope 20 degrees with transport distance up to 30m.
Material is transported on the principle of screw actuator - nut. according to the
put the machine, can screw placed horizontally, angled and vertical.
Basic parts of the screw is twisted screw. The material is put into tubes, concealed and transported in accordance with the motion of the screw.
Standard screw diameter: 300; 400; 500 ..
In addition, we can follow customer requirements
Some screw conveyor image by Lilama 693-DSE design and manufacture
Some of the specifications of the screw has designed, manufactured and put into use:
  • VT 500x12,6m - Capacity  30 t ph;
  • VT 500x11,5m  - Capacity  30tph;
  •  VT400x11m - Capacity 52.9m3 / h;
  • VT400x5,25m  - 25 tph .....
  • Here are some pictures of screw:vit tai 2
vit tai 1
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