Lilama69-3 DSE signed the design contract with Xuan Thien Hoa Binh

Friday - 17/11/2017 16:04
Lilama69-3 DSE (DSE) signed the design contract with Xuan Thien lime factory.

On September 11, 2017, at the head office of Xuan Thien Hoa Binh Company limited, Lilama69-3 design industrial & systems engineering joint stock company (Lilama69-3 DSE) and Xuan Thien Hoa Binh signed the consulting design contract Xuan Thien lime factory.

Accordingly, Lilama69-3 DSE will implement layout design, equipment connection and construction design - Phase 1 Project Xuan Thien Hoa Binh line 1 lime and PCC plant with detailed scope as below:
Part 1: Flow chart, flow chart (GA), equipment parameter list, 3D drawing design of the plant.
Part 2: Calculations, design drawings, installation drawings and non-standard parts of all technological items of the plant (excluding port, equipment connected to the port, full power system).
Part 3: Construction drawing design and steel structure for all items in the factory premises (excluding ports). For electrical system, water and compressed air system: Based on the design of the electricity, water and compressed air supplier, Party B will implement the construction drawing design.
Note: In addition to the design of technology and equipment purchased by Party A of the main contractor, Party B will design all remaining works (except port, port connection equipment, electrical system and fire fighting system).
Design progress is 6 months from the effective date of the contract.
The contract was signed once again affirming the brand and trust of Lilama69-3 DSE for customers. The brand and belief have been confirmed over a long period of cooperation and through many work practices at the world's largest cement project Xuan Thanh 12,500 Ton clinker / day.
Although the consultancy contract just signed has many areas: Technology, Mechanical engineering, construction, electricity, and compressed air system engineering ... requires many experienced engineers and requires very fast progress on the workload. However, Lilama69-3 DSE is committed to the owner of Xuan Thien Hoa Binh, we will ensure the progress and quality of the project, especially the connection, coordination with the world leading equipment suppliers.

Although the contract still has some financial terms to put into effect, but Lilama69-3 DSE has shaken hands with customers to perform some part of the work connected with leading technology equipment suppliers such as Maerz, MS, Cimprogetti ... to ensure the basic design of the project in line with the investment objectives of the project is to use the most advanced technology and equipment in the world.


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